About us


The company POL d.o.o. was founded in 1992 in Rijeka, Croatia. In the very beginnings, it was engaged in
the sale of car interior accessories. In order to meet the needs of our clients, four years later
we started our own production of custom-made car seat covers and floor mats.
Our headquarters is in Rijeka, but over the years, our unique designs have made their way all over Europe.

Product quality and customer satisfaction have been our main focus since day one. We only use top-quality materials, whether it's textiles, artificial or natural leather. Over the years, POL has been constantly improving the technological processes, tools and work techniques. This enabled us to expand the range of materials used, and offer clients more options and unique designs.

30 years of tradition

With more than 30 years of experience, we have become the largest auto upholstery company in the region

State of the art technologies

We use only high-quality materials in combination with top technologies that follow the latest trends

Quality guarantee

Many years of experience and the use of top-quality materials are your guarantee for the delivery of high-quality products

Unique design

We approach each project professionally and we offer free consultation and design so that the final product is unique for the maximum satisfaction of our clients

We approach our work professionally and with passion, which can be seen from a series of innovations that allow us unique finishing solutions. Special emphasis is always on the details, whether it’s decorative reliefs on the seat back, or seams on the steering wheel. With our vast range of experience, knowledge and techniques, we can give your car its old shine and return it to its original condition. We also offer original design solutions that will transform the ambiance of your new car, and express your creativity and unique lifestyle.

Decades of experience and expertise for everything related to vehicle interiors are the best guarantee for our clients. POL offers a complete process that starts with conceptual solutions and ends with a finished product, whether it is a complete interior decoration of a truck, car seats, or just a motorcycle seat.

Our ideas and designs are always new, however the business philosophy is always the same: to constantly develop techniques, ideas and custom designs, so that the final product is always more beautiful and better than the original.

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